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Aerial Imagery

Aerial Imaging Saudi Arabia (AISA) is a full-service geospatial solutions provider based in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, catering exclusively to the Kingdom’s unique geospatial requirements. Established in strategic partnership with Space Imaging Middle East (SIME), AISA aims to provide local services & support in response to the recent expansion of the geospatial industry in the Kingdom.

AISA offers a full spectrum of geospatial products & services, including imagery collection, image processing services, GIS consultation services, and a host of customized solutions to Federal Government and large private establishments in the Kingdom. AISA also has a training facility which offers custom programs in GIS & remote sensing training to meet clients’ specific requirements.

Satellite Imagery

Satellite and Aerial Imagery

Working in coordination with its partners, AISA is in a unique position to offer its clients off-the-shelf and custom-developed 2D & 3D GIS solutions to securely publish and share geospatial data with stakeholders. The custom software products and solutions are tailored to meet individual business requirements and are ready to be integrated with clients’ existing operational data and setup. AISA ensures that the client receives end-to-end and cost effective solutions without having to compromise on quality and time.

GIS Solutions and Services

GIS Solutions and Services

AISA has access to over one billion square kilometers of archived high resolution earth imagery and offers its clients on-demand collection of the highest resolution imagery available in the market through DigitalGlobe’s constellation of sub-meter satellites. The company also offers full-scale licensed aerial mapping services including dedicated aerial image collection over the MENA region.

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