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Aerial Imagery

Aerial Imaging Saudi Arabia (AISA) is partners with Space Imaging Middle East that has over eight years of extensive experience specializing in providings the regional market with a complete suite of aerial imagery products and services. The Aerial Division is fully equipped with a Cessna aircraft and aerial photography equipment, stationed in the Middle East, and manned by an experienced crew and fully trained technical staff. The division can quickly mobilize up to 5 fully equiped aircraft ensuring smooth operations for parallel projects.

The Aerial team is constantly supported by its Production department to help ensure that all aerial-based products are developed to the highest quality standards and are delivered on time. The Aerial Division coverage cone mainly comprises of the Middle East and Africa.

Aerial Survey Division

The Team

AISA prides itself to be partners with a team of experienced pilots and ground station crew. Our pilots have successfully completed countrywide aerial missions across MENA region.
Aerial Survey Division


With our crew and aircraft stationed in the region, our strategic location puts us in a position to quickly mobilize our resources for any aerial mission within MENA region.
Aerial Survey Division


Whether it’s a small city or a large country, a one-time fly-over mission or a long-term mission requirement, our flight crew and support staff will accommodate all your aerial imagery needs.
Aerial Survey Division


Our technology partner (SIME) has an in-house team of experts to configure and integrate its imagery products with your existing GIS application or environment.

Aerial Products

Aerial Survey
Ground Control Point Collection
Aerial Triangulation
Feature Extraction
Orthophoto Mosaic
Oblique Imagery
Thermal Mapping
LIDAR Survey

Aircraft & Crew

Our partner SIME provides access to on-ground crew and planes stationed in the MENA region, enabling the company to quickly assemble resources and manage logistics to start a project at the earliest. The flying crew has years of experience in flying over the region with great success.


Vexcel UCXp Camera
Thermal Sensor
Oblique Camera

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