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Aerial Imagery

Aerial Imaging Saudi Arabia (AISA) is a complete software development company that offers programming, design, and consulting services to a wide range of industries and businesses. Working tirelessly with our clients, we are able to execute a project from a mere concept to the final, deployable solution. Our business model is based on customer satisfaction, cost benefits and schedule and budget targets.

AISA Services

Custom Application Development

AISA has extensive experience in the development of custom IT solutions. Thoroughly analyzing your business needs and industry and product requirements, we deliver tailored cost-competitive, scalable and robust solutions.

AISA’s experience includes large multi-year engagements for the development of complex enterprise systems, and the innovative design of simple applications for data visualization and database integration.

Desktop Applications

AISA's in-house development team has years of experience in developing a wide range of commercial and imagery-based desktop applications.

Web Applications & Portal

Custom developed web-based portals and GIS applications are another of AISA's specialties, which leverage state-of- the-art technologies.

Cross Platform Mobile Apps

We offer mobile software development services across major mobile operating systems.
CODRO Services

Project Management

AISA employs a structured systems development methodology in all phases of the project management lifecycle. Every project, during all its phases, is managed by PMP certified professionals and is documented at every process level.

AISA Services

Project Consultancy

AISA excels in providing GIS related consulting services specifically tailored to meet your requirements. Its industry experts are there to offer you complete technical support, thus eliminating the need for you to hire full time staff. As a consultant, SIME’s goal is to reduce your operating costs, improve your business processes, increase profitability and growth and ensure customer satisfaction & retention.

AISA Services

GIS Solutions & Services

AISA's in-house GIS unit designs, builds, installs, and commissions complete Geospatial infrastructures as turnkey solutions, and provides their clients with training, maintenance and upgrades. AISA supplies these services as fully managed projects from conception to operation, or individually, depending on client requirements.

AISA Services

Database Management

AISA’s goal is to help you create, maintain, integrate and control the highest quality geospatial data available. With over a decade of experience in enterprise-scale data management, its team of professionals offers industry-leading comprehensive database services including data acquisition, development and automation, data integration, and data quality control.

Consultancy and Integration Services for SIME Products

If you have obtained licenses to one or more of SIME’s flagship GIS products, an expert from the Product Development team will be assigned to provide you with full- scale consultancy services to oversee the integration management process.



a 3D globe visualization environment, which allows users to interactively display and analyze geographic data; both raster and vector.

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a web based geospatial data publishing solution to create, manage and visualize information from multiple data sources for in-depth analysis .

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a geospatially powered system, transforms vast amounts of complex data into actionable intelligence by providing robust tools for managing, and integrating geospatial data, .

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